About Androsia Wilde

Hailing from the Islands of the Bahamas, Androsia Wilde has worked in Vancouver's alternative fashion scene as a petite model since 2010, collaborating with local designers and photographers in fashion shows and projects dedicated to showcasing beauty in all sizes, shapes and colors.

In 2014 she set her sights on becoming the premier Bahamian burlesque performer.  Always admiring the Vancouver scene from afar, she finally got her chance in Geekenders' 2014 mounting of "The Empire Strips Back" making her lauded Nerdlesque debut as 'scoundrel' Lando Calrissian. She has since performed as showcases such as Beam Me Up Sexy, Kitty Nights, and Go-Go Bungalow - along with her usual stints with her Geekenders family -
as the undisputed 'Bahama Mama of Burlesque'.

2015 saw Androsia Wilde add another facet to her growing skillset- actress.  Signing on to Maijah Lewk Talent Agency in March, she's since worked on commercials, short films and television in record time- landing her first principal role on 'Untold Stories of the ER' in a matter of months.

After taking 2016 off to return to her home in Paradise [Island] for a bit, she has since returned to Vancouver to pick up where she left off.

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